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Eddy Kim reprises past love confessional in ‘My Love’

By Korea Herald

Published : Jan. 21, 2015 - 21:06

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Former Superstar K4 contestant Eddy Kim melts young female hearts when he performs his enchantingly romantic, self-written ballads with his signature ladies’ man, charming demeanor.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter on Wednesday dropped his six-track, second EP, “Sing Sing Sing,” more than a year after releasing his debut EP “How To Use You.”

“With this new album, I really wanted to be able to create something that my fans could listen to and say, ‘Wow, he’s more than just a romantic ballad singer,’” he said in an interview with The Korea Herald. 
Eddy Kim. (Mystic 89) Eddy Kim. (Mystic 89)

Kim, who in 2012 made it through to the top six round of Mnet’s popular audition program “Superstar K,” earned a reputation as a soulful, hopeless romantic with his self-produced and self-written singles.

Then, after signing with music label Mystic 89 Entertainment, he further propelled his sentimental image with his love-inspired first EP.

“When I released my first album, as opposed to creating music for other people’s tastes, I really focused on wanting to write and perform the kind of music that I personally felt best shows my style and personality,” he said.

“I’m not necessarily looking to shed my ‘romantic singer-songwriter’ image that I’m better known for, but I just want to try new approaches as an artist,” Kim added. “This time around with my new album ‘Sing Sing Sing,’ I definitely feel that it’s a little more mainstream and that my songs will be able to reach a wider range of fans.”

Kim performed his latest singles live for the first time at a showcase on Wednesday at Seoul Olympic Park’s K-Art Hall.

He kick-started the showcase with “Apologize,” with which the singer wanted to show that he was capable of more than just singing about pining for the opposite sex, belting out the lyrics, “This freaking love’s done!”

“‘Apologize’ is all about meeting the worst kind of woman,” Kim explained. “And after meeting this woman, I am then demanding that she apologize to me for all the wrong she has done.”

The artist also went on to perform the album’s eponymous upbeat pop rock track “Sing Sing Sing,” as well as the EP’s starry-eyed romance piano ballad lead single, “My Love.”

“‘My Love’ is a song that I originally wrote in English a long time ago, but eventually decided to translate the lyrics into Korean to include the track on my album,” he said.

“At the time when I wrote the song, I was in a relationship and it was a song I intended to sing to her ― but things obviously didn’t work out,” he said blushing, adding that he had written it nearly five years ago while studying music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

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