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EXO’s first Asia tour draws 320,000

EXO. (SM Entertainment)
EXO. (SM Entertainment)
In its first-ever solo tour of Asia, K-pop boy band EXO drew 320,000 concert goers, proving their overseas fame, its label SM Entertainment said Friday.

The hottest K-pop act, which debuted in 2012 as a 12-member group, held 30 concerts in major Asian countries including China and Indonesia from May until this week as part of its tour “EXO from Exoplanet: The Lost Tour.”

The tour had been a turbulent ride, with Chinese member Kris abruptly departing just before the first concert, and second member Luhan bowing out mid-tour in October.

The remaining 10 members concluded the tour on Wednesday with a final performance in Osaka, Japan. The boys performed 30 hit tracks such as “Growl” and “Overdose” in front of a packed and enthusiastic audience.

The group plans to release a new album early next year.