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Koa Tech becomes Korea’s first acrylic block producer

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 4, 2014 - 21:20

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A 250 mm acrylic block, produced by Koa Tech. (Koa Tech) A 250 mm acrylic block, produced by Koa Tech. (Koa Tech)
Koa Tech, a local acrylic sheet manufacturer, recently gained attention in the market for producing an250 mm acrylic block.

Although there are many acrylic sheet manufacturers in Korea, Koa Tech is the first to produce acrylic blocks over 60 mm thick.

Only a few companies in the world have developed the technology to make monolithic acrylic blocks, the firm said.

Acrylic has several advantages over glass, being lighter, unaffected by climate and humidity, and more durable. It can also be made into various shapes with greater ease.

For these reasons, acrylic is used in aquarium tanks and windows, displays, optical lenses and scientific equipment.

Koa Tech is a major manufacturer of acrylic in Korea with a 30-year history. After years of research and development activities, the firm has produced acrylic polymerized adhesive.

“Now that large acrylic blocks can be produced here in Korea as well, we hope to advance in the global market, competing with other top acrylic manufacturers,” said Koa Tech CEO Park Jae-ung.

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