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Shannon releases debut solo single

Shannon. ( YouTube screen capture)
Shannon. ( YouTube screen capture)
Almost five years since making her local TV debut, Shannon Williams, a U.K.-born British-Korean singer, finally released her debut solo single, “Daybreak Rain,” on Monday.

To commemorate her official solo debut, Williams unveiled two music videos for her new single: the original version and the “black edition.” The second version of her music video is the same as the original, but is in black and white to give the song a darker and more mournful feel.

The 16-year-old first garnered attention in Korea as a child singer performing on an episode of “Star King,” a popular TV talent show, in 2010. Although she has participated in a number of song collaborations in the past few years, “Daybreak Rain” marks her first solo release.

Williams made her debut with the new entertainment agency Dap Sound, which was reportedly established to cater to the singer’s particular style of music, according to her management agency Core Contents Media.

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