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Akdong Musician makes chart-topping comeback

Brother-sister duo Akdong Musician’s new track “Time and Fallen Leaves” topped major K-pop charts within hours of its release at midnight on Friday. 

Siblings Lee Chan-hyuk, 17, and Soo-hyun, 14, topped all nine Korean online charts with their new digital single.

“Time and Fallen Leaves” is written and composed by the brother Chan-hyuk, who also composed most of Akdong Musician’s songs.

The song was originally made for their debut album “Play,” which came out in April. But label YG Entertainment delayed the song’s release because it felt that the song was better suited to the fall season. 
Akdong Musician’s new digital single “Time and Fallen Leaves.” (YG Entertainment)
Akdong Musician’s new digital single “Time and Fallen Leaves.” (YG Entertainment)

The poetic lyrics of the track are sung over a backing of strings and piano. Soo-hyun leads the calm, yet bright ambience of the song while Chan-hyuk adds harmony and plays the acoustic guitar.

The duo is planning to hold its first full concert from Nov. 21-23 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Hannam-dong, Seoul, as part of a national tour “Akmu Camp.”

Akdong Musician quickly garnered popularity when it first appeared on the TV audition program “Survival Audition K-pop Star 2” in 2012. The duo won the audition with creative and up-beat songs such as “Don’t Cross Your Legs” and “It is Ramen.”

The two youngsters signed with YG Entertainment in May 2013.

Akdong Musician’s 11-track debut album “Play” topped all the Korean real-time charts with popular tracks including “200%” and “Melted.”

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