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[Herald Interview] Conductor preaches beauty of orchestral music

As many as a hundred people gather ― each with their own musical instrument and own musical world ― to create harmony. There will mostly likely be some drama.

It’s the conductor who must put aside whatever discord that members may have, make them work like organs of the human body, and in the end present harmonious music.

Conductor Kim Bong-mee says the beauty of orchestral music is right there in that moment.

“So many different people with different musical instruments and colors come together for music-making. They inevitably clash sometimes, but in the end reach sweet harmony. That’s the beauty of orchestra,” she said. 
Conductor Kim Bong-mee. (Yoon Byung-chan/The Korea Herald)
Conductor Kim Bong-mee. (Yoon Byung-chan/The Korea Herald)

“It is such an overwhelming feeling. You are moved by the music itself that you and your colleagues together make on stage and then again moved by watching the audience who is moved by your music,” she added.

Kim is the music director of the Herald Philharmonic Orchestra, a philanthropic ensemble created by Herald Corp., the publisher of The Korea Herald. The ensemble is slated for its debut concert at Seoul Arts Center on Oct. 8.

With the Herald Philharmonic, Kim said she wants to spread the beauty of orchestral music to the wider public.

“My only goal is to show to the audience the beauty of orchestral music,” she said.

To do so, the orchestra has assembled 70 of the country’s finest classical musicians.

“It’s a young ensemble with a lot of energy,” she said of the group.

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