Panda Express opens in Seoul

By Lee Woo-young
  • Published : Sept 5, 2014 - 19:48
  • Updated : Sept 5, 2014 - 19:48

Korean staff present sample dishes during a celebration marking the opening of the first Asian branch of Panda Express in Seoul on Wednesday.
Panda Express, a chain of restaurants serving American-Chinese cuisine, launched its first Asian branch in Seoul on Wednesday.

The global restaurant chain joined hands with Seoul-based SF Innovation Co. to open Korea’s first Panda Express in the basement of Lotte Department Store in downtown Seoul. SF Innovation is a Korean restaurant business well-known for its brand School Food.

“The opening of Panda Express drew anticipation from many Korean customers before its official debut. The restaurant will serve fusion Chinese dishes developed over a long period of time,” said Lee Sang-yoon, CEO of SF Innovation Co.

Panda Express is known for fresh food cooked in woks over a strong flame. Customers can see chefs cooking in the open kitchen and enjoy food made from fresh ingredients served fast in a clean setting. Some popular menu items include chicken entrees with Sichuan influences such as orange chicken and kung pao chicken and beef entrees such as Beijing beef and Shanghai Angus steak.

The first Panda Express was opened by Andrew Cherng and his wife Peggy in 1983. Panda Restaurant Group now runs more than 1,600 branches in 47 states in the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico and Dubai.

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