New ballpark site set for expansion club

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Sept 4, 2014 - 20:11
  • Updated : Sept 4, 2014 - 20:11
The southeastern city of Changwon on Thursday announced the site for the new baseball park to be built for an expansion baseball club there, ending a months-long dispute over the stadium’s location.

Changwon, some 400 kilometers southeast of Seoul, said the new park for the NC Dinos in the Korea Baseball Organization will be built on the ground currently occupied by Masan Stadium, a multipurpose venue located within Masan Sports Complex.

Ahn Sang-soo, Changwon’s mayor, made the announcement, an about-face from the city’s earlier choice of location made by Ahn’s predecessor, Park Wan-soo.

Last year, Changwon had announced the new stadium would be built on the land previously occupied by the Army College, but both the KBO and the Dinos balked at the idea, saying it wasn’t accessible for the majority of the 1.1 million people in Changwon. (Yonhap)