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Henry vs Kim Byung-man on “Clenched Fist Chef”

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Published : 2014-09-04 17:02
Updated : 2014-09-04 18:29

Genius chef Henry vs skilled chef Kim Byung-man on “Clenched Fist Chef”

Famous and talented comedian Kim Byung-man and singer Henry will compete in a cooking contest on SBS‘s special TV program for Chuseok “Clenched Fist Chef.”

Kim Byung-man has cooked snakes, piranhas, bats, and other unbelievable cooking ingredients in the jungle for many years. His counterpart is Henry, who has mastered Chinese cuisine from a professional chef for many months. The crew members of the program said, their distinct style of cooking will excite the viewers.

Henry chose Kim from the start as his counterpart after seeing his fancy skills with a kitchen knife. Kim said he wants to only focus on his skills with pans and knives. While Henry, a free spirited and creative young singer, never uses any recipes, but tries to recreate his memories of the taste of food. The winner will be decided next Tuesday on SBS’s “Clenched Fist Chef”.

By Park Gyu-oh, Intern reporter (
[Photo credit: SBS]

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