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Lee Hyori to corner Lady Jane on dating rumors on ‘Magic Eye’

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Published : 2014-09-02 15:23
Updated : 2014-09-02 15:23

Lady Jane appears on SBS's entertainment show "Magic Eye."(SBS)

Television star Lady Jane officially denied the rumor she was dating professional PC gamer-turned-entertainer Hong Jin-ho while recording for tonight’s SBS entertainment show “Magic Eye.”

The show hosts and guests waged a fiery argument over a photo of Hong poking Lady Jane’s thigh at a 24-hour sushi place late at night.

Lady Jane struck back, claiming Hong was merely pointing at a mole on her leg, “Surprised at the rarity of the mole’s location.”

But show hostess and K-pop star Lee Hyori was no push-over. She began throwing pointed questions at Lady Jane about the photo.

The whole episode of the entertainment show will be aired tonight at 11:15 on SBS. 

                Lady Jane and Hong Jin-ho (Twitter)

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