Organica’s detox juice available at lower price

By 옥현주
  • Published : Sept 2, 2014 - 14:17
  • Updated : Sept 3, 2014 - 09:24
Organica, a Korean premium organic whole food company, slashed the prices of its signature juice products, which have guaranteed detoxification effects, from Sept. 1, the company announced Monday.

The nation’s leading organic food company reduced the prices of the hit juice cleansing programs in celebration of drawing more than 10,000 customers since the launch of the products. 

The three-day detox programs “Just Juice 3-Day Total Cleanse” and “Just Juice 3-Day Super Cleanse” are now priced at 198,000 won ($195), down 30,000 won. The company reduced the price of the “Just Juice Single Cleanse” program by 10,000 won, making it available for 69,000 won.

“The cut-price options are a result of our efforts to cut production and delivery costs through efficiency. We would like to give customers better access to our products,” said a spokesman for Organica.

“We will continue to make efforts to cut the costs, develop new products and expand our service.”

The popularity of the juice is growing with the rising number of health-conscious Koreans seeking to cleanse their body and substitute juice for meals, the company said.

And Organica, the No. 1 detox juice maker by sales, has led the nationwide juice cleansing trend with its carefully designed juice made with nutritious greens and superfoods.

The “Just Juice 3-Day Total Cleanse” program consists of six 450-milliter bottles named “Green Up,” “Booster C,” “Skinny Line,” “Root Heart,” “Refresher,” and “A-Meal.” The short-term detox plan requires replacing meals by drinking six bottles of juice per day -- one every three hours -- for three days.

The juices are extracted from fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts without any additives, and provide less than 1,000 calories per day.

Drinking the juice instead of having meals can give the body a break from processing heavy proteins and fat and revitalize the body’s metabolism, leading to the full release of built-up toxins.

Organica recently launched the “Just Juice 3-Day Super Cleanse” program to its lineup, with enriched nutrients and flavors through the addition of superfoods such as spirulina, turmeric, chlorella and chia seeds.

The “Single Juice Cleanse” program, composed of the three most popular juice products, is also available. 

All the juice products are produced using high-pressure processing methods to guarantee both hygiene and quality.

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