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Jung Yong-hwa seizes China’s heart with ‘Three Musketeers’

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Published : 2014-08-28 16:24
Updated : 2014-08-28 16:24

Singer-actor Jung Yong-hwa appear on tvN's epic television series "Three Musketeers." (tvN)

TvN’s new epic television drama “Three Musketeers,” starring singer-actor Jung Yong-hwa, is rapidly gaining popularity in China.

Since its launch on Aug. 17, the Korean drama has maintained the No. 1 spot as the most frequently searched for K-drama on Weibo. The drama also appeared on the list of the most frequently searched for words on Baidu, China’s main search engine.

The success of “Three Musketeers” reflects the rise of Korean epic dramas, which have been less popular than modern K-dramas.

The ongoing success of the drama also brought its lead actor Jung Yong-hwa into the spotlight.

More than 100 articles have been written by Chinese fans about Jung’s performance in his first epic drama.

The third episode will be aired on Aug. 31 at 9:20 p.m.


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