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Top 7 Korean celebrities with best pregnancy photos

By Lee Hyun-jeong

Published : Aug. 7, 2014 - 14:36

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Showing off a pregnant belly is no longer an embarrassing thing in Korea. Capturing the beautiful moment has rather become a rising trend. Against this backdrop, The Korea Herald has listed the top 7 hallyu stars who took the most beautiful maternity photos. 

1. Moon So-ri 


Actress Moon So-ri elegantly mixed beauty as a mother and chicness as a celebrity. Her tight black dress highlighted her pregnant body line. 

While the overall style might have turned out simple due to the plain dress, her curled hairstyle added to the fancy look. 

Moon, who starred in films “Oasis” and “A Good Lawyer’s Wife,” delivered a son in 2011. 

2. Son Tae-young 

(InStyle) (InStyle)

Miss Korea-turned-actress Son Tae young chose an innocent maternity look with a long, white dress. Showing off long, curly hair backed by brilliant sunlight accentuated the “Goddess” vibe. 

Son, who is married to actor Kwon Sang-woo, bore a son in 2009. She is expecting the couple’s second child early next year. 

3. Jung Hye-young 


Unlike many other stars, actress Jung Hye-young showed off funky maternity photos. Wearing black jeans and high heels, Jung appealed to fans with her own charisma. 

She also revealed her bare pregnant belly, breaking a Korean cultural norm of hiding a pregnancy with loose outfits. 

Jung, who married former singer Sean, has four children. 

4. Byul

(SBS capture) (SBS capture)

Singer Byul chose to take comic maternity photos. 

Lying on a bed, Byul took funny shots with her husband Haha. While the couple had planned to take the photo shoot outside, they abruptly changed the locale to their home due to Haha’s hangover, the pair said in a television interview.

Byul delivered a son last year and named him “Dream.”

5. Lee Pa-ni

(Studio Bong) (Studio Bong)

Model Lee Pa-ni gave off a goddess vibe in her maternity photos. Wearing a white, silk sheer dress, Lee exuded innocence and elegance. 

Lee, who is in her second marriage with musical star Seo Sung-min, gave birth to a second child in 2013. 

6. Kim Hee-sun 

(InStyle) (InStyle)

Legendary beauty star Kim Hee-sun expressed her happiness to the fullest in her maternity photos. Rather taking posed pictures, she showed off a natural smile as a blissful mom who was waiting for her first child. 

Kim, who tied knot with a businessman in 2007, gave birth to a daughter two years later in 2009. 

7. Kim Hyo-jin 

(marie claire) (marie claire)

Actress Kim Hyo-jin took a hearty pregnancy photo with her husband Yoo Ji-tae. Taking on a casual look and posing naturally, the loving couple gave off a warmhearted vibe. 

The pair, married in 2011, gave birth to a son this year.