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EXO-L sparks envy from other SM stars

By 옥현주

Published : Aug. 7, 2014 - 14:03

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A slew of K-pop idols are green with envy of the immense popularity of EXO as the band’s first-ever fan club sees the number of members growing at a startling pace since its launch.

A day after EXO-L, the band’s official fan club, was launched, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun took a screenshot of his real-time chat with fellow idols and posted it on his Twitter.

On the Kakaotalk group chat, Kyhyun starts the conversation by saying, “Joonmyun (the real name of EXO’s Suho) pretends to be busy. He may be too busy due to EXO-L.”

TVXQ’s Changmin then responded, “I think EXO-L will set a Guinness world record with its number of members and Joonmyun will no longer hang out with us.”

Kyuhyun and Changmin again alluded to their jealousy by jokingly saying they would also want to gather their fan clubs E.L.F. and Cassiopeia, respectively.

EXO’s Suho calls out “Brothers!” but the idols did not conceal their envy.

“EXO-L is a real jackpot. I miss our fan club SHINee World,” SHINee heartthrob Minho said.

EXO began recruiting members through the website ( and mobile application.

The recruitment website crashed shortly after its launch due to heavy traffic.

Within just a day, the number of those who signed up for the fan club surpassed the 300,000 mark, proving EXO’s ever-growing popularity.

Meanwhile, the fan club’s name, EXO-L, is a shortened form of EXO-Love. L is also the letter between K and M, meaning EXO, composed of sub-units EXO-M and EXO-K, and their fans are one.

The idol band will next embark on its fourth global concert tour, “SM Town Live,” with the first concert to be held in Seoul on Aug. 15. 

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