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‘Roaring Currents’ to hit American cinemas on Korea‘s Liberation Day

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Published : 2014-08-03 14:45
Updated : 2014-08-03 14:45

The period blockbuster “Roaring Currents” will meet U.S. audiences on Aug. 15, Korea’s Liberation Day, even as the film resets the Korean box office record by the day.

The record-breaking film is to hit 30 cinemas across the U.S. with its localized title “The Admiral.”

“The Admiral” will open with a special preview for Korean-Americans on Tuesday followed by a general audience preview on Friday, finally hitting cinemas next week.

“The Admiral” depicts the historical Battle of Myeongryang won by admiral Yi Sun-shin, who managed to fend off 330 Japanese ships with only 12 vessels.

The film surpassed the local audience record with 3 million movie goers within four days of opening.

By Ha Ji-won, Intern reporter (

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