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Paris Baguette opens first store in Paris

SPC Group’s bakery brand Paris Baguette landed in Paris on Wednesday with hopes of fulfilling its aspirations to woo European customers in their home country.

The new store, named Paris Baguette Chatelet, is located near the Pont Neuf Bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum and other tourists’ destinations, according to SPC. It is the first Paris Baguette outlet to open in Europe.

“We regard France as the spiritual home of our bakery products,” said SPC Group Chairman Hur Young-in. “The opening of our Paris store highlights our commitment to continually improve and perfect the quality of our European-style bread and pastries,” he said. 

Paris Baguette Chatelet in Paris (SPC)
Paris Baguette Chatelet in Paris (SPC)
SPC operates the nation’s leading bakery and pastry brands including Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant.

In order to stay true to the French breadmaking DNA, experienced French bakers using traditional French ingredients and methods work at Paris Baguette Chatelet. They are set to dish up exclusive menus such as fresh cream chiffon cakes and special stuffed breads, on top of universal French-style breads, pastries, and sandwiches.

Paris Baguette Chatelet is also a member of the Chambre Professionnelle des Artisans Boulangers Patissiers, the professional French bakery association that requires all members to adhere to the traditional French bakery standards.

The Paris outlet is expected to serve as the company’s global flagship store, SPC said, adding that it hopes for it to serve as a stepping stone for the Canadian and European markets.

“Paris Baguette has been introducing authentic French style bakery products to Korea. But in the future, we will actively reach out to the global market by leveraging our experience in France,” Hur said.

Established in 1988, Paris Baguette has more than 3,000 stores at home, 125 in China, 37 in the U.S., 11 in Vietnam and six in Singapore.

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