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Choi Yeo-jin calls Han Hye-jin ‘ugly'

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Published : 2014-07-10 15:55
Updated : 2014-07-10 16:07

Actress and model Choi Yeo-jin boasted a beautiful face on MBC variety show “Radio Star” on Wednesday, and then jokingly called actress Han Hye-jin “ugly.”

The actress complained that her face has never been camera-friendly, appearing less attractive than her actual self.

“Some people would recognize me on the street, get all surprised and ask me why I look the way I look on the television screen,” she said.

Then the show emcee Kim Gu-ra provoked the actress by saying, “I think you are prettier (at least) than Jang Yoon-ju,” referring to a fashion model. He went on, asking for Choi’s evaluation of actress Han He-jin.

“I think Han Hye-jin is ugly. She looks… different,” Choi jovially stroke back, driving the crowd into laughter. 

Actress and model Choi Yeo-jin appears on MBC variety show "Radio Star." (MBC)


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