Top 3 hallyu female celebrities with hottest husbands

By Lee Hyun-jeong
  • Published : Jun 17, 2014 - 18:16
  • Updated : Jun 17, 2014 - 18:27
When a hallyu star weds, it often grabs the public’s attention. From the venue to the design of the dress and accessories, all the details dazzle fans and stimulate their curiosity.

Yet, the most curious thing that pops up in fans’ minds is celebrity spouses, especially with women. A lot of attention goes to the background information of these husbands. Against this backdrop, The Korea Herald has compiled the top three hallyu celebrities who have tied the knot with the hottest non-celebrity men.

1. Jun Ji-hyun 

The heroine of “My Love from the Star” married her longtime friend Choi Jun-hyuk in April 2012.

Choi currently works at the Korean branch of Bank of America after graduating from Korea University. He is famous among his bank colleagues for being good-looking and in shape. But what stuns fans is his family. 

Choi’s father runs one of the largest asset management companies in Korea. His mother is renowned designer Lee Jung-woo, and in addition, his grandmother Lee Young-hee is one of the most respected hanbok designers in the country. 

Choi Jun-hyuk (KBS capture)

This is not all. Choi’s older brother Choi Jun-ho is a member of former idol hip-hip group X-Large which was active in the 90s. The older Choi recently married a daughter of the owner of Hong Kong-based conglomerate Hang Lung Group.

Jun and Choi have known each other since they were teenagers as they lived in the same neighborhood. But the pair was not tight until Choi was ill a few years ago. They got closer while Jun took care of Choi, Jun told the media on her wedding day.

2. Han Chae-young 


Korean Barbie Girl Han Chae-young is also one who married a good-looking man.

Han tied the knot with Choi Dong-jun in May 2007.

Choi, a businessman, was an actor in the late 90s thanks to his good looks. He appeared in MBC sitcom “Jump” but did not gain much popularity. Then, he moved to the United States to study business.

Not only is Han’s husband handsome, but he is also a man with means.

Choi is works at a foreign investment bank while running his own business between Korea and the U.S. 

Han received 5-carat diamond ring and high-end foreign car when her husband proposed, sources said. They live in one of the most expensive apartment buildings in Gangnam, Seoul. 


The pair first met in the U.S. when Choi moved there to study. Knowing each other for eight years, they dated for more than a year, Han’s agency said.

“Han had the feeling that she could trust Choi as a husband since she has long known him,” it added.

Han had a son last year.

3. Kim Hee-sun 


Forever beauty Kim Hee-sun married businessman Park Ju-young in 2007 after dating more than a year. 

Park’s handsomeness and great shape has caught many fans’ eyes.

Thanks to being in such good shape, Park once showed up in a men’s magazine. But being good-looking is only one of Park’s merits.

Park runs his own esthetic-related business and his father is owner of Raksan Group, which has several affiliated companies in various fields. The yearly sales of the group is reportedly more than 15 billion won ($14 million).

Having met first through friends, both showed interest in each other from the beginning and started to date right away. 

They have one daughter born in 2009.