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[팟캐스트](46) 세월호 첫 재판, 선원들 혐의 부인해

By 옥현주

Published : June 13, 2014 - 18:24

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기사요약: 침몰하는 배에 승객들을 버리고 탈출한 혐의로 구속 기소된 세월호 선원들이 지난 10일 열린 첫 재판에서 검찰의 공소사실을 전면 부인했다. 특히 이준석 선장 등 검찰이 살인죄를 적용한 선원들이 살인이나 도주 의사가 없었으며 승객 구조는 해경의 임무였다고 주장했다. 앞으로 재판과정에서 검찰과 변호인간 치열한 공방이 예상된다.

Court holds first Sewol trial

[1] The prosecution has embarked on the process of proving that the captain and several crew members of the sunken ferry Sewol abandoned the vessel without any attempt to evacuate passengers.

*Embark on: 시작하다 (=launch, begin)
*Abandon: 버리다, 유기하다
*Attempt to: ~한 시도 (without attempt to ~하는 시도도 없이)
*Evacuate: 대피하다

[2] While more than 10 victims of the April 16 tragedy are still missing, the Gwangju District Court on Tuesday held the first trial hearing on the case, for which the prosecution indicted Sewol ferry captain Lee Joon-seok and three other sailors on charges of homicide due to willful negligence in mid-May.

*For which: ~에 대한, ~를 위한
*Indict: 기소하다
*On charges of: ~혐의로, 죄로
*Homicide: 살인
*Willful negligence: 미필적 고의

[3] Eleven other crewmen were also indicted, though prosecutors only lodged manslaughter charges against the four key suspects, including Lee.

*Lodge: 제기하다, 제출하다 

[4] The prosecution is expected to submit a variety of evidence, including video clips from the accident and the communication records between the ferry and the state-run Vessel Traffic Services Center, throughout the trial.

*Submit: 제출하다 (=hand in)
*Communication records: 교신록 (=communication log)

[5] Many observers including lawyers shared the view that the four suspects would not admit to the charges against them.

*Observers: 관찰자 (=experts, pundits)
*Admit to: 인정하다, 시인하다 

[6] Among the attendees of the opening hearing were the 15 accused crew members, seven attorneys and four prosecutors. Lee came under the spotlight when he was guided into the courtroom from the Gwangju District Prosecutors’ Office.

*Under spotlight: 주목을 받다. (이슈, 사람)

[7] Family members of some of the victims were also among the spectators. Some screamed at Lee, describing him as a “murderer” or a man “worse than a brute.” 

*Spectator: 참관인
*Brute: 짐승, 야수

[8] In the courtroom, judges fine-tuned the future timetable, procedures for requesting evidence and the list of key legal arguments between the defense and prosecutors.

*Fine-tune: 조정하다
*Timetable: 타임라인

[9] Five charges were brought against the 69-year-old captain: homicide, attempted homicide, negligence of duties, violation of the Seamen Act, and a breach of the Rescue and Aid at Sea and on River Act.

[10] The nation’s criminal code treats “manslaughter by not taking certain actions” and “manslaughter by taking certain actions,” such as stabbing a person to death, as the same.

*Take actions: 조치를 취하다
*Stab someone to death: 찔러 죽이다

[11] Under the criminal code, those convicted of murder can be sentenced to between five years in prison and a life sentence or the death penalty.

*Criminal code: 형법
*Convicted of: 유죄로 인정되다
*Death penalty: 사형 (=capital punishment)

[12] Meanwhile, investigators have yet to arrest fugitive Yoo Byung-eun, the de facto owner of the Sewol ferry, despite a nationwide search over the past few weeks.

*Yet to arrest: 아직 잡지 못했다

[13] It has been three weeks since the prosecution and police placed the business irregularity-saddled figure on the wanted list.

*Business irregularity:  부정, 불법 활동
*Saddled: 어디에 앉은
*Figure: 인물 

[14] The extraordinary investigation team, composed of about 80 prosecutors and policemen, has been under severe criticism for failing to capture Yoo, who is also a key leader of the Salvation Sect.
He has allegedly engaged in a variety of misconduct during his management of Chonghaejin Marine Co., the operator of the Sewol and its sister firms.

*Allegedly: ~로 알려져있다 (확인된 사실이 아닐때)
*Misconduct: 위법, 불법행위

[15] According to some reports, Yoo and his aides have reportedly offered 10 billion won ($9.5 million) to a broker who smuggles people abroad. Police, however, downplayed the possibility that he could successfully flee to a foreign country amid the tightening of inspections at port cities.

*Smuggle: 밀수하다
*Downplay: 어떠한 소문을 축소, 경시하다
*Flee: 도주하다
*Tightening: 좁혀오는, 조여지는