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G-Dragon describes Taeyang‘s new song as ’red sunset‘

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Published : 2014-06-12 18:17
Updated : 2014-06-12 18:17

A video providing a glimpse of Taeyang’s album-making process was released Wednesday. 

YG Entertainment, Taeyang’s Korean label, posted a 4-minute video titled “Journey to Rise” on its official blog.

The video is composed of a series of comments from the idol’s close friends, fellow members of K-pop boy group Big Bang and his company staff. 

(YG Entertainment)

It starts with Taeyang saying, “I have learned a lot, there were good times and bad times. Now, I would like to tell you my story.”

G-Dragon, a fellow member of Big Bang, likened Taeyang’s music to red sunset. “Taeyang has pursued music that is passionate and strong just like his name ‘Sun,’ (Taeyang means sun in Korean) but this time his music has become deeper and more mature just like a ‘red sunset,’” he said in the video.

“I worked with Taeyang on many songs, and I learned that he is not the person who can easily be satisfied,” said Tablo, member of hip-hop group Epik High, also managed by YG.

A staff member working at YG said that Taeyang tries to do everything perfectly and, of course, he has difficulties though he does not express his feelings.

The 26-year-old made a comeback with his latest track “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” The song dominated local charts after its release on June 2. As of June 12, its music video has been watched nearly 6 million times. 

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