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K-pop boy groups match-up this month: Who will win?

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Published : 2014-06-11 17:39
Updated : 2014-06-11 17:53

K-pop boy groups Infinite, VIXX, ZE:A, U-Kiss, B.A.P, and Boyfriend are preparing to square off on music charts with new releases this month.

Infinite (Woollim ent.)

Infinite continues to promote its second single “Season 2” that was released on May 21, with the title track “Last Romeo.” 

VIXX (Jellyfish ent.)

VIXX also released its fourth single album “Eternity” last month with the title song “Miracle.” It’s been six months since the release of the group’s last full album.  

ZE:A (Starempire ent.)

ZE:A recently released a new mini album “First Homme” on June 2, with the concept of classy, wild and strong.

U-Kiss (OSEN)
With Dongho dropping out and AJ studying abroad, U-Kiss recently recruited a new member, Jun. The group also marked a new release on June 2 with the EP “Mono Scandal.”

B.A.P (TS ent.)
Following ZE:A and U-Kiss, B.A.P. returned on June 3 with its fourth single “B.A.P. Unplugged 2014.” The three tracks on the album include title song “Where Are You?” and “What Are You Doing?”

Boyfriend (starship ent.)
Boyfriend released its second mini album on Monday. The group is planning to reinvent its image as “rebellious” by using a mob concept. 

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