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Psy unveils video of new song 'Hangover'

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Published : 2014-06-09 10:59
Updated : 2014-06-09 16:31

South Korean rapper Psy uploaded the video of his latest song "Hangover" on YouTube on Monday morning, hours ahead of the song's official release.

Also released on the official blog (www.yg-life.com) of YG Entertainment, the rapper's local management agency, the video comically features Korea's unique drinking culture. 

It depicted Psy and the famous American hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg having drinks to cure their hangovers and gimbap at a convenience store, making bomb cocktails and going to a sauna after drinking.

The video also had scenes showing the two men on a date with women at an amusement park and in a karaoke room.

The two rappers teamed up for the new hip-hop song, with most of the lyrics in English and some in Korean.

The video does not have unique dance moves like in the videos of Psy's previous hit songs: "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman."

Psy heralded the coming of his new single album, saying "New single 'Daddy' coming this summer" in a message inserted at the closing part of the "Hangover" video.

The song "Hangover" is scheduled to be released worldwide on iTunes at midnight Monday (U.S. Eastern Standard Time), or 1 p.m.

on Monday in Korea.

It marks the first song to be released by Psy since "Gentleman"

in April last year. "Gangnam Style," a 2012 mega-hit song that earned Psy global fame, set a record by topping 2 billion views on YouTube on May 31. (Yonhap)


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