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2NE1’s Park Bom sheds tears in reality show ‘Roommate’


Park Bom from K-pop girl group 2NE1 shed tears when talking about being lonely in the June 1 episode of SBS-TV reality show “Roommate.” 

In the fifth episode, the women on the show -- After School member Nana, actress Hong Su-hyun, model Lee So-ra, entertainer Song Ga-yeon and Park -- gathered in a room to have a deep conversation.

Asked whether Park had any stars close to her, the vocalist said, “2NE1 members have no close celebrities. Nobody approached us. I don’t know what to do.

“Our members are timid. We are freaks who are crazy about only one thing, so we don’t look around,” she said. 

Park also added that they don’t know how to get closer to people as they are “innocent,” which might be the reason why they sometimes look “ill-mannered.”

In response to Park’s sincere confession, Lee, the eldest female cast member on the show, said that Park was an angel. 

“I only thought about escaping from the ‘Roommate’ program before Bom came along,” Lee said. 

Park was then choked with tears saying, “I have never heard someone saying that to me. I sometimes say to others ‘You are like a gift from the sky,’ but it was probably me who has been waiting for those words all this time.” 

“Roommate” is a TV reality show which features 11 Korean celebrities of different ages from idols to actresses living together in a shared house.

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