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AOA’s Jimin and Park Hyung-sik in sweet mood

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Published : 2014-05-19 14:32
Updated : 2014-05-26 18:03

Girl group AOA leader Jimin and actor Park Hyung-sik signaled that they were in a sweet mood on a variety show.

In “Real Men,” an MBC reality show in which celebrities experience life in a military barracks, which was aired Sunday, the surprise guest AOA melted the hearts of the military unit that was joined by Park Hyung-sik and other celebrities.

In a quiz competition which offered a holiday for the soldier who won the final round, Park and Jimin teamed up together. The partner was chosen by Jimin. 

To express his appreciation, Park gave his outer to Jimin to cover her legs. She was wearing shorts at the moment.

Seeing what Park did, other soldiers copied the well-mannered action, raising the laugher of viewers.

Winning several rounds of the competition, Park and Jimin successfully became one of the final teams.

The two, however, ended up remaining in second place. Park failed to answer the last question, on the name of the divisional commander of his military unit.


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