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Kim Sung-ryeong okayed her role in “Fatal Encounter” partly for Hyun Bin

Actress Kim Sung-ryeong (Issue Daily)
Actress Kim Sung-ryeong (Issue Daily)
Kim Sung-ryeong said actor Hyun Bin was part of the reason she joined the cast of historical epic film “Fatal Encounter” on KBS 2tv “Entertainment News” Saturday.

The comment came as Kim, 47, was asked about a past statement she made, calling Lee Min-ho her ideal date and Hyun Bin her ideal husband. When she was asked again if she took up her part because of Hyun Bin, she jovially said “partially.”

The actress won public envy as she played the beloved mother of Lee Min-ho in TV show “The Heirs” and of Hyun Bin in “Fatal Encounter.”

In her latest film “Fatal Encounter,” Kim plays Hyegyeonggung Hong, the biological mother of King Jeongjo, played by Hyun Bin.

Actor Hyun Bin plays King Jeongjo in
Actor Hyun Bin plays King Jeongjo in "Fatal Encounter (2014)".

“Fatal Encounter,” premiered on April 30, is a tale about King Jeongjo of 18th-century Joseon. The lonely king was constantly plagued by numerous assassination attempts and his childhood memory of the tragic death of his father, Crown Prince Sado.

Kim also mentioned the difficulties regarding her triple role in the play “Ms. France” that kicks off in theaters on May 15.

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