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Published : 2014-03-25 20:22
Updated : 2014-03-25 20:22

Fighting against all odds and the stereotype that girls wishing to debut in the K-pop industry have to be young and single, the new group Girl Hood is looking to break down those barriers.

The quartet is making a splash in the K-pop world because the ladies are not in their teens, or even in their early 20s. The average age of a Girl Hood member is 34, with the ages ranging from 28 to 35. Also, it is not just their ages that makes them stand out from other groups: All four are married and three are even mothers. 
Girl Hood. (SC Entertainment)

Representatives of the women’s agency, SC Entertainment, claim that although the group is being considered an ajumma group, they still have the looks and vocal skills to compete with the big-time girl groups. “Ajumma” is a term used for older, married women.

“We want Girl Hood to be the representative ajumma group that gives hopes and dreams to older women,” an agency representative stated in a press release.

On Tuesday the group released its first digital single, “Darling, Honey, I Love You,” about a wife’s love for her husband. The ballad is based on the popular song “Tian Mi Mi” from the Hong Kong film “Comrades: Almost a Love Story.”

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