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Couple’s app helped 10,000 women get pregnant

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Published : 2014-02-24 18:49
Updated : 2014-02-24 18:49

Kindara, an iPhone app created by a husband and wife team in Boulder, Colorado, promises to helps women get pregnant faster, business and technology news website Business Insider reported.
In the last year alone, the app has helped 10,000 women conceive, co-founder William Sacks told Business Insider. Among users, nearly 500 pregnancies are reported per week, he added.

Women input intimate details about their bodies and the app tells them if they are ovulating.

Sacks and his wife, Katherine Bicknell, developed the app because they were looking for an effective method of birth control and did not want to use the pill. Bicknell had been on the pill for 10 years but did not like the side effects. She introduced the fertility awareness method to Sacks.

But the fertility awareness method does not guarantee contraception or the avoidance of pregnancy. “We want every woman to use the birth control that is right for her,” Sacks added.

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