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Woman jailed for trying to ruin brother’s marriage

Woman jailed for trying to ruin brother’s marriage

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Published : 2014-02-13 14:46
Updated : 2014-02-13 14:46

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A woman was jailed in the U.K. for maliciously canceling the wedding of her brother and a woman she hated, British media reported Wednesday.

Ann Duffy, 50, of Plymouth, England, was sentenced to eight-weeks in jail, the court document said.

Duffy was irritated when Sandra Hardy, 28, was marrying her 52-year-old brother David Greatex. Duffy posed as Hardy at a clerk’s registry office to cancel the wedding without noticing the couple.

“She (Duffy) was jealous and kept accusing Sandra of trying to take her brother away,” Greatex was quoted as saying, after Duffy finally informed the angry brother of the cancelation and added, “I saved you on the divorce.”

“We will never forgive her,” said Hardy, who is now Duffy’s sister-in-law.

Greatex and Hardy married three weeks after the cancellation, and Duffy hurled abuse at the ceremony, the Mirror reported Wednesday. 

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