KT teams up with police to export security system

By Park Hyung-ki
  • Published : Feb 12, 2014 - 19:53
  • Updated : Feb 12, 2014 - 19:53
Uniformed police officers on Wednesday monitor the streets from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s 112 Command Center in Jongno. (KT Corp.)

KT Corp. said on Wednesday that together with the National Police Agency it plans to export its IT security system to Angola.

This marks the first inroads for the telecom company into Angola, where KT, based on the technology of Korea’s police command and control systems, hopes to offer assistance in establishing security infrastructure.

For its part, the Korean police will support the Angolan police authority by providing it with administrative and operational know-how on smart security systems.

“We expect to see Korea’s advanced command system used by the local police to be introduced not only in Angola, but its neighboring countries as well to help them keep their people safer and create a stronger economy,” said a KT executive.

Based on the technology and experience from KT and the police agency, the command center in Angola will be built by 2016. Among the services provided, the new center is expected to help the Angolan police authority better control closed-circuit television cameras and manage video surveillance systems in the capital of Luanda.

KT and the NPA said they would offer more assistance to Angola to adopt advanced security IT systems to boost crime prevention and stability in the African country, which has become one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent after overcoming a civil war.

KT also said it hoped for the security system deal to create more opportunities for the company to enter African markets. KT is currently seeking to export to countries in South America and Southeast Asia.

By Park Hyong-ki (