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리치한의 “I am NEAT”

NEAT 2nd Level ― Short Essay Writing

The following chart shows the advantages and disadvantages of learning a second language at a young age. After choosing a side, write an introduction and come up with a third reason. Then, write about all three reasons and make a conclusion. (80 ― 120 words)


- young minds learn faster
- useful later in life
- ___________________________


- take away from first language
- put too much pressure
- ___________________________

Although it may be difficult to learn a second language, doing so has many advantages. To start with, the brains of young children learn things much faster than older students. That means that it is much easier to learn a language at a young age so students should start as early as possible. Next, learning another language is an incredibly useful tool. Nowadays, most students are expected to be good at speaking English or another language to get into a good university. Finally, learning a language will make your mind sharper which will help you in other subjects. In summary, all students should learn a second language at a young age.

Although there are benefits to learning a second language, doing so has many disadvantages. To start with, young children should focus on their first language, not a second language. That is because they are probably not perfect at their own language so it would be harmful to start speaking a second one. Next, learning a second language puts too much pressure on students. IT will be very difficult to learn so when they do poorly at first, they may become upset. Finally, learning a second language is not as important as math or science. Many people will stay in their home country and won’t use a second language so not everyone should spend time learning one. In summary, not all students should learn a second language at a young age.