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29.6-carat blue diamond found in South Africa

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Published : 2014-01-23 11:16
Updated : 2014-01-23 11:24

Blue diamond (Yonhap News)
A 29.6-carat blue diamond, one of the rarest and most coveted gems in the world, has been discovered in a South African mine by Petra Diamonds, foreign media outlets reported Tuesday.

“The stones in the last year or so are selling well above $2 million per carat. That’s not my quote, that’s updates in the market,” company CEO Johan Dippenaar told Reuters.

The 29.6-carat stone was unearthed from the company’s Cullinan mine, about 40 km northeast of Pretoria.

The latest acorn-sized diamond is said to be one of the most exceptional stones discovered during Petra’s operations at Cullinan and may outstrip the price of recent finds. Earlier in 2013, a 25.5-carat blue diamond was sold for $16.9 million.

The largest rough gem diamond ever found was also discovered at the Cullinan mine in 1905 and was presented to the British monarch Edward VII.

By Yoon Ha-youn and news reports (yhayoun@heraldcorp.com)

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