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Samsung, LG to showcase smart homes at CES

Tech giants put forward comprehensive services to communicate with gadgets

Samsung Smart Home enables users to control home appliances through mobile gadgets. (Samsung Electronics)
Samsung Smart Home enables users to control home appliances through mobile gadgets. (Samsung Electronics)

LAS VEGAS ― Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are poised to showcase their latest technologies at the International CES in Las Vegas from Tuesday.

The most significant aspect of the products and ideas from both Samsung and LG are the smart home initiatives.

Samsung introduced the “Samsung Smart Home” system, which is voice-activated. It also boasts compatibility with a broad range of electronic products that may in the future include rival brands.

Within the smart home system, connectivity between the smart watch Galaxy Gear and the smart household technology is expected to also receive much attention.

With the Galaxy Gear, consumers can remotely control their homes, such as turning the air conditioning or lighting on and off. Smartphones and remote controls for TV sets will also work as controllers for home appliances

Many of these remotes are embedded with voice recognition chips, so that instead of pressing the button, one can say phrases, such as “Good Night” to turn the TV off.

Further, Samsung said its smart electronics products were improved for better home security.

With Samsung’s Home View, users can monitor their homes with their mobile devices that are wirelessly connected to a digital camera or cameras installed in other products, for example, laptops or refrigerators.

The tech firm will expand the range of products compatible with smart home services, or even collaborate with other electronics manufacturers to establish a smart home ecosystem where products of different brands can be connected together.

LG also unveiled home appliances for its smart home system incorporated with chat services provided by Korean portal Naver’s mobile messenger LINE.

For instance, users can chat with the vacuum cleaner with LINE by asking, “When did you last clean?” The cleaner would make the corresponding reply. Users can also order the vacuum cleaner to clean rooms at a set time every day when they are away.

“Consumers will also be able to be updated through their smartphones with real time status of their refrigerators no matter where they are. Family members can display photos on a screen panel of the fridge with their smartphones using LINE as well,” an official from the firm said.

Running a washing machine, asking for the best recipes for dishes from LG’s smart ovens can all be done through mobile chat.

LG said more products will be installed with the HomeChat function.

Both Samsung and LG are expected to once again compete for leadership in the TV segment as they are poised to unveil their latest products boasting crisper and larger displays. 

A model poses with LG Electronics’ 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV (left) and 98-inch UHD TV. (LG Electronics)
A model poses with LG Electronics’ 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV (left) and 98-inch UHD TV. (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics, in alliance with its affiliate LG Display, will introduce seven new Ultra HD TV models, including the 105-inch curved screen product during the four-day trade show.

The size of their displays ranges from 49-inches to 105-inches.

LG said UHD TVs fitted with multi-channel sound technology, co-developed by Harman Kardon, a world-renowned audio system company, will allow users to be immersed with three-dimensional sound not only from the right and left, but from top to bottom.

LG Display also said it would showcase its superior display technology for mobile devices and computers with a Quad HD (2,560X1,440) display measuring six-inches, as well as the 23.8-inch and 13.3-inch UHD and QHD displays.

“LG Display’s differentiated technology contributed to the success of our partners, which consequently resulted in success of our own,” said Han Sang-beom, CEO of the display firm, adding, “We will suggest solutions for success to customers at this year’s trade show and strengthen our partnership with other businesses.”

Meanwhile, among the various lineups for Samsung’s UHD TVs to be displayed at the CES, the world’s largest UHD TV measuring 110 inches, along with the 105-inch concave screen UHD TV will stand out the most at the show.

Samsung’s smart TVs will feature finger gesture control and voice recognition.

Both LG and Samsung are expected to unveil so-called “variable display” TV products sporting flat organic light emitting displays that can be rolled up.

By Kim Young-won, Korea Herald correspondent