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Choo Sa-rang’s love toward Tinker Bell

Choo Sa-rang’s love toward Tinker Bell

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Published : 2013-12-16 13:59
Updated : 2013-12-16 14:01


Choo Sa-rang, an infant starlet who is captivating South Korean TV viewers once again gave a delightful scene: This time, showing her love toward Disney character Tinker Bell.

In the episode of the variety TV show “Superman is Back” aired on Sunday, Choo and her father Choo Sung-hoon, went shopping together at a character store in Shibuya, downtown Tokyo.

Little Choo, who showed her infinite love toward Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in previous episodes, asked her father to find her an item with Tinker Bell on it.

After looking around the store for a while, struggling to find the product, little Choo finally found a cloth with Tinker Bell on the front, and displayed her affection for the character. 

The two-year-old is the daughter of Korean-Japanese fighter Choo Sung-hoon and his wife Shiho Yano, a Japanese top model. Little Choo, also known as “Choovely” (combination of Choo and lovely) among her fans, has gained a wide popularity among Korean viewers after appearing on the TV show.

By Im Woo-jung, Intern reporter

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