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Japan to file complaint to WTO for Korea’s fish import ban

Japan is to file a complaint to the World Trade Organization on Korea for placing a partial import ban on Japanese fishery products, according to Japans public broadcaster NKH on Saturday.

The Japanese government is planning to share its disgruntlement during the WTO meeting as Koreas ban on fishery products from Fukushima and  neighboring prefectures is baseless and thus should be called off, according to the broadcaster. The WTO general meeting is slated to be held in Geneva on Oct. 16-17.

Sankei Sinbum, a prominent daily, also reported earlier that the Japanese government is considering filing a suit to the WTO against the Korean counterpart for its allegedly harsh trade ban policy.

Such stern responses of the Japanese administration is largely seen as a means to press Korea to take back its all-out import ban.

Last month, the Korean Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries prohibited the import of all fishery products from Fukushima and seven neighboring prefectures, reflecting the anxiety of the local community over the recent radiation-contaminated water leak from one of the Fukushima nuclear plants.

The Japanese government, however, lashed back at the measure and claimed that all of its export items were in accord with the international standard on nuclear safety.

By Bae Hyun-jung and news reports (