TmaxSoft, Tibero release big-data solutions

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Sept 10, 2013 - 20:57
  • Updated : Sept 10, 2013 - 20:57

Local system software providers TmaxSoft and Tibero unveiled their new technologies for big data at a press event in Seoul on Tuesday.

“Big data is not merely an information technology trend. It is becoming a core competency of enterprises,” said Tibero’s CEO Chang In-soo.

During the event, Tibero introduced Tibero 6, the upgrade of its database management system.

Previously, users separately had to use an in-memory database and disk database to save and process data. The new system integrates the two, increasing capacity and speed.

TmaxSoft also introduced its total solution for big data dubbed Infini*T. The system is capable of handling both unstructured data ― social networking services, email and video ― and structured data used in business. Collecting, saving, processing and analyzing data can be done with one solution.

TmaxSoft had a debt workout in 2010 after the failure of its heavily invested research and development venture. It bailed itself out on August 2012, earlier than the contract period.

“TmaxSoft saw 27.3 billion won ($25 million) in sales and 6.9 billion won in profit in the first half of this year, reaching 98 percent of its target,” said Tmaxsoft CEO Nam Jung-gon. “As sales are concentrated at the end of year, we expect to reach this year’s sales target.”

TmaxSoft and Tibero for the first time localized a middleware and database management system, respectively, in the early 2000s.