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Cyber attacks hit 67 targets: ministry

A total of 67 targets including public offices and companies came under cyber attacks on June 25 and the following days, the Korean government said Thursday.

The types of attacks include distributed denial of service (DDoS) and malicious codes to destruct hard disk drives. Among them, 14 organizations lost some of their data stored on hard disks due to the malicious code. 

At the press briefing on Thursday, the government disclosed the extent of damage by the latest series of cyber attacks. “A total of 67 institutions suffered cyber attacks and around 84 percent of computer systems have recovered so far,” said an official at the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. “We are trying our best to get the system back on track.”

Most of the sites affected by the attacks have been normalized and officials are trying to track down the sources of the massive attacks.

Choi Jung-min, Intern reporter