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KB leads premium banking


GOLD&WISE, the specialized private-banking brand of KB Kookmin Bank, has been the market pioneer since it was launched 11 years ago under the business philosophy of sincere professionalism to garner trust among premium customers.

Through wide sales networks at the bank’s 23 private-banking-only branches nationwide, it has shown exceptional private-banking products, risk management systems, private-banking expertise and advisory and marketing services.
KB Kookmin Bank’s private banking branch in Suji, south of Seoul
KB Kookmin Bank’s private banking branch in Suji, south of Seoul

It has strengthened product support, expanded the lineup of medium-risk products to better respond to market volatility, and bolstered risk management before and after introducing new products.

The private-banking brand offers tailor-made products and consulting services through cooperation with affiliated companies, in addition to asset management guidelines for each phase of the economy.

Further, the unique training program for private bankers at the commercial bank is widely benchmarked across the industry.

GOLD&WISE private banking operators learn about the international and domestic market trends; issues and economic theories through a weekly “financial market study” program; and take basic and advanced courses in stocks and bonds among others.

They undertake courses for risk management experts, and participate in sessions on financial market issues, new products, real estate, asset management consulting and global private banking services.

The advisory service offered by specialists at GOLD&WISE ranges from sorting out all kinds of tax issues such as capital gains tax, inheritance tax and gift tax to consulting on the profitability of property and legal assistance on inheritance, transfer of assets or wills.

In addition to holding art exhibits, art academies, yacht tours and golf events for clients, GOLD&WISE offers personal assistance in planning trips, hospital reservations and collecting shopping information.
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