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LIG Nex1 targets overseas market

Defense equipment maker forms strong global network with about 40 countries

Since its founding in 1976, LIG Nex1 has been a leading defense contractor in Korea, contributing not only to the rapidly growing domestic economy but also to the security of its home country.

Over the past 37 years, the company has led Korea’s defense industry with innovative ideas and technological know-how. And it is eyeing an increasingly large slice of the international defense field.

LIG Nex1 has built a strong global network with some 40 countries around the world.
The portable surface-to-air missile called the Chiron. (LIG Nex 1)
The portable surface-to-air missile called the Chiron. (LIG Nex 1)

It has maintained strategic partnerships with governmental agencies and other renowned defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Northrop Grumman from the U.S.

Based on its extensive experience and worldwide network, LIG Nex1 has developed a competitive edge in providing exceptional total solutions to customers in Korea and overseas.

“It is expected that our company’s technological leverage in providing precision strike weapons systems, surveillance weapons systems, command communications weapons systems and logistics support for countries and militaries around the world will help us internationalize and grow further,” said a company official.

With the newest Pangyo R&D center in Gyeonggi Province serving as its technological hub, the company has now more than seven centers and plants across Korea. Its international branches located in the U.S., Colombia, India and Indonesia are expected to connect the company to the rest of the world.

LIG Nex1’s major export items include the portable surface-to-air missile called the Chiron, the Korea GPS-guided bomb and the medium-range 3-D air defense surveillance radar.

Predominantly used as an anti-aircraft missile, the Chiron has a range of 7 kilometers and can hit targets flying at Mach 2.

In order to increase mobility, the missile is designed to weigh only 14 kilograms and measure 1.6 meters in length and 80 millimeters in diameter.

The Chiron has been tested to achieve a 90 percent accuracy level, and LIG Nex1 received an award from the Agency for Defense Development in 2004 for technological advancement of the Chiron.

LIG Nex1’s marine operation technology, such as its harbor underwater surveillance system and the ship-to-ship missile called C-Star, as well as its various air defense surveillance radars are also its major export items.

In a joint venture with LIG PoongSan Protech, the firm has been exploring research and development of rocket launchers for varying ranges and its related software technologies.

“We’ll overcome any limits with creativity and innovation,” said CEO Lee Hyo-koo.

“We are ready to take the next step toward building a safer future for our customers all around the world.”

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