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N.Z. airline sorry for pregnancy faux pas


WELLINGTON, New Zealand (UPI) -- A New Zealand woman mistakenly taken for being pregnant by an airline attendant got an apology from the airline -- and $100 off her next flight.

Kelsey Hughes, 21, was boarding a flight from Wellington to Christchurch in New Zealand when a Jetstar flight attendant asked to see a doctor‘s note saying she was approved to fly while pregnant.

Hughes said she was “absolutely humiliated” when she was forced “in front of God knows how many people” to tell the employee she is not pregnant.

Michael Mirabito, a customer service manager for Jetstar, called Hughes Tuesday to apologize and offer her a voucher worth $100 toward a future flight. Hughes accepted the voucher, though she told the Dominion-Post of Wellington she’s unlikely to travel aboard Jetstar again.

She also asked for a written apology from the offending steward. She told the newspaper Mirabito had spoken to the male employee, who he described as “mortified” at his gaffe.

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