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Teen stabs girl to death because of comments posted on Facebook

A 15-year-old boy stabbed a teenage girl to death and attacked her father after the girl posted insulting comments about another girl on Facebook, according to news sources.

Jing Hua K. murdered 15-year-old Joyce Hau, known as Winsie to her friends, after allegedly being hired for approximately $183 in the Netherlands. Hau had been fighting with a friend named Polly W. on Facebook when Polly’s boyfriend Wesley C. phoned Jing Hua to arrange the killing. They supposedly also discussed killing Hua’s entire family.

On Jan. 14, Jing Hua K went to Hau’s house under the pretense that he had something to give her. When she came outside, he repeatedly stabbed her face and neck with a knife. He then attacked her father, scarring his face with the knife. Hau died five days later in the hospital.

Jing Hua K was tried in Dutch court.

“The defendant did not know Winsie personally but he acted at the request of or on the instructions of another or others,” the court verdict said on Sept. 2. Judges also said that the teen suffered from “a serious behavioral disorder with psychopathic traits.”

Jing Hua was given the maximum juvenile jail sentence of one year followed by treatment in a psychiatric facility for at least two years.

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