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LG Uplus to launch food waste management service

LG Uplus has formed an alliance with local small and medium-size partners, including Bumin W&P, to launch a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based food waste management service, the company announced Sunday.

The new “Smart Clean” service is in line with the government’s environmental policy to reduce food waste, which emits greenhouse gases, the local telecom said.

The system will allow more efficient ways of managing garbage disposal by having trash bins at apartment or residential areas check the quantity of food waste via RFID communication technology. Consumers will have to pay via their RFID cards according to the amount of food leftovers thrown away, which is an alternative to the standard plastic garbage bags for food.

Korea’s smallest telecom company has been establishing an RFID food waste management system with its partners in local municipal areas by setting up control centers since last year.

It seeks to further boost partnerships with waste management or equipment companies operating in some 20 municipal areas to provide its service as well as to expand shared growth with small and mid-sized firms.

LG Uplus plans to actively engage in this business in some 50 towns and cities by 2013.

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