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Teen solves centuries-old math problem

By 박한나

Published : May 25, 2012 - 14:55

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A 16-year-old in Germany who solved a centuries-old math problem credited his accomplishment to "schoolboy naivety."

Shouryya Ray, whose family moved from India to Dresden when he was 12, solved a pair of fundamental particle dynamics problems posed by Isaac Newton more than 350 years ago to make it possible to calculate the flight path of a ball and predict how it will hit and bounce off a wall, The reported Wednesday.

Ray said he learned about the problems when his school, which specializes in science, sent his 11th grade class to the Technical University in Dresden.

The teenager said his "schoolboy naivety" would not allow him to accept that the problems couldn't be solved.

"I asked myself: why can't it work?" he told the Die Welt newspaper.

Ray said he is currently deciding whether to study math or physics when he moves on to college.


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16세 소년 뉴턴이 제기한 수학난제 풀어

독일에서 10대 소년이 수백년 간 풀리지 않던 수학 난제를 풀어 화제다.

쇼리아 레이(16)가 푼 두 문제는 350년 전 아이작 뉴턴이 물체의 운동분석을 위해 공의 비행 경로와 어떻게 벽에 닿고, 다시 튕겨질지 예측을 가능하도록 만든 입자 역학 이론이다. 

과학 특목고에 재학중인 레이는 학교에서 뉴턴의 문제를 접했다며 “학생으로서의 단순함”이 오랜 동안 풀리지 않던 문제를 해결할 수 있던 비결이라고 말했다.

레이는 현재 대학 진학시 수학과 물리학 중 전공 선택을 두고 고민 중이다.