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Kia Tigers sign on Henry Sosa midseason

The Kia Tigers released Horacio Ramirez and signed Houston Astros pitcher Henry Sosa in a desperate bid to improve their performance midseason.

Kia brought in the starting pitcher for a $50,000 starting bonus and a $160,000 annual salary, the club said Thursday.

The Tigers are hoping that the Dominican Republic native will pull them out of seventh place with his 150 kilometer fastball, curveball and sliders.

“He throws the ball with incredible ease,” said manager Sun Dong-ryul, adding that they need to see his performance during a game.

Previously, the right-handed 26-year-old pitcher had spent the season with the Oklahoma City Redhawks, getting two wins with a 5.12 ERA.

Kia plans to start the pitcher on Friday.

Ramirez leaves the Tigers with two wins and one loss with a 3.86 ERA.

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