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Military removes K11 rifle from service over safety fears

The K11 assault rifle will be recalled as electromagnetic interference could cause ammunition to explode in the chamber, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration announced Wednesday.

According to DAPA, the explosion of a 20 millimeter air-burst shell inside the chamber during testing in November was caused by electromagnetic waves interfering in the interaction between the rifle’s controlling device and the device controlling the explosion of the shell.

The K11 assault rifle is produced by S&T Daewoo as the next generation personal firearm for the military, and 246 units are in use. The rifle fires 5.56 millimeter rounds and 20 millimeter air-burst shells.

Although the rifle was approved for combat use in March 2011, a 20 millimeter shell exploded in the chamber during testing in November.

DAPA said that the problem will be solved by altering the programs controlling the devices prone to electromagnetic interference, and that other modifications including improving the battery performance in low temperatures by June.

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