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U.N. aviation agency meeting to open in Korea

Some 20 government officials and 150 aviation experts from the Asia-Pacific region will gather on Tuesday on Jeju Island to discuss next-generation air transportation systems, the Transportation Ministry said Monday.

The four-day meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nations’ agency that specializes in aviation, will focus on automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, or ADS-B.

The new surveillance technology has emerged as a primary replacement for radar in tracking aircraft worldwide with simpler and more affordable equipment.

The participants are expected to discuss each country’s policy for the application of the new system and measures to boost intergovernmental collaboration, the ministry said in a statement.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the agency said it plans to hold a legal seminar for the Asia-Pacific region in Seoul from Tuesday.

At the two-day event, attendees will discuss legal issues associated with aviation security and safety, environmental protection, sustainable development of air transport and an emission trading scheme, its program shows.

By Shin Hyon-hee (