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Day Trip from Gwangju or Busan to DMZ

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization launched a new tour program through which visitors can easily visit the Demilitarized Zone in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, from Busan or Gwangju.

Tourists can board the train for the KTX-DMZ tour which starts at Busan or Gwangju Station and head to Seoul or Yongsan Station. From the stations in Seoul, a bus ride will take the travelers to Imjingak. After a tour around the DMZ and a quick lunch at the Jangdan Soybean Village, the tour continues to the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Observatory and Dorasan Station before returning by KTX to respective departure points. The entire trip takes approximately 13 hours.

The cost of the tour package ranges from 66,300 won to 119,000 won depending on the departure point. It includes round-trip KTX ticket, bus fare, lunch, DMZ admission fee, tourist insurance, and other expenditures incurred during the tour. For reservations, call 1544-7755 or visit
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