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Dubu jeongol (Tofu hot pot)

By Korea Herald

Published : Nov. 11, 2011 - 20:16

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Dubu jeongol (Institute of Traditional Korean Food) Dubu jeongol (Institute of Traditional Korean Food)
Dubu jeongol is a hotpot of tofu, beef, and vegetables in broth. Dubu-jeongol is rich in protein and soft in texture. Jeongol (hotpot) is a communal dish that fits in ideally with Korean dining culture in which several people around the table enjoy food from a large pot in the center.


● 250g tofu, ¼ tsp salt, 2 tbsp starch, 2 tbsp vegetable oil

● 150g beef (top round or sirloin) for broth : 300g beef (brisket), 6 cups water

● For fragrant seasoning: 20g green onion, 10g garlic

● For seasoning sauce: 2/3 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp minced green onion, 1/2 tsp minced garlic, 1/2 tsp sesame salt, 1/8 tsp ground black pepper, 1 tsp sesame oil

● 1/2 tsp clear soy sauce, 1 tsp salt

● 3 sheets brown oak mushrooms, 5 agaric mushrooms, 2 cups water, 1 tsp salt

● 30g watercress, 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt

● 60g bamboo shoot, 100 g mung bean sprouts, 30 g carrot, 2 ea egg

1. Cut the tofu into cubes and sprinkle with salt.

2. Clean the beef for the broth and add to a pot with water. Put on high heat until it boils, then simmer on medium heat for 30 minutes. Add the fragrant seasoning, and simmer for another 25 minutes.

3. Clean the brisket and shred 2/3 of it into strips, season with 2/3 of seasoning sauce. Chop the rest and season with the remaining sauce.

4. Soak brown oak mushrooms in water for 1 hour, remove the stems and dry. Cut them into slivers. Remove heads and tails of mung bean sprouts.

5. Trim and wash carrot, cut into narrow strips. Cut the bamboo shoot in the same way. Trim and wash watercress.

6. Fry eggs and cut into broad strips.

7. Coat tofu with starch. Making sure the pan is hot, panfry tofu in oil for 5 min. on medium heat.

8. Scald agaric mushrooms with salt for 1 min. then rip up into 1 cm pieces

9. Scald watercress with salt for 1 minute. Rinse, dry and rip up thinly.

10. Place chopped beef on the fried tofu evenly, fold one side of tofu over, then bind it in the middle with watercress.

11. Put the seasoned beef on the bottom of a serving pot, and place tofu and other vegetables over the beef. Pour broth over it, heat it up for 3 minutes on a high heat. When it boils, lower the heat to medium, boil for another 15 minutes. Season with clear soy sauce and salt, bring it to the boil.


● Tofu may be coated with wheat flour instead of starch.

● Do not boil stew for too long. Serve as soon as the meat is lightly cooked.

(Adapted from the Instituteof Traditional Korean Food)