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Tiger’s former caddie rips him with racial comment

SHANGHAI (AP) ― Tiger Woods’ former caddie caused another sensation, this time by using a racial slur to disparage his old boss during a caddies award roast in Shanghai.

Steve Williams received a mock award Friday night for “Celebration of the Year” for his TV interview after Adam Scott won the Bridgestone Invitational.
Tiger Woods’ former caddie Steve Williams (UPI-Yonhap News)
Tiger Woods’ former caddie Steve Williams (UPI-Yonhap News)

That was the day Williams said it was “the best win of his life,” despite being on the bag with Woods for 13 majors.

At an awards party filled with banter, Williams said of his interview, “It was my aim to shove it right up that black a ― .”

That line drew the biggest reaction at a party attended by several players, caddies, officials and some media.

There was a mixture of laughter and shock, with some players turning to each other with eyes widened and jaws agape.

The provision of the party is that all comments are off the record, yet several caddies couldn’t stop talking about it long after it was over.

Approached early the next morning at breakfast, Williams was stunned to learn that British tabloids had gone with the story. “Why would they do that?” he said. “The whole thing was meant to be fun.”