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Warm hearts sought to help homeless

A group assisting homeless people in Seoul is seeking volunteers and donations to help prepare rough-sleepers for the winter.

Members and friends of Jamon’s Rock City Church have been going out on Sunday evenings for the past three weeks to speak to and offer help to homeless people and sex workers around the Yeongdungpo Station area.

The group has been given clothes by local clothing swaps, but is still looking for blankets, thermals and socks to hand out to protect people against colder weather.

Emil Lavsen, who first started helping homeless people at Yeongdeungpo Station two years ago with a friend, said: “We are focusing on the homeless people handing out clothes, talking to people and handing out food.”

The church member is now assisting the new initiative which has seen groups of more than ten people walk the streets surrounding the station from 7:30 p.m. to around 10 p.m. on Sundays throughout October.

Anyone interested in joining the group this week or donating food or clothing can email Pastor Jonathan Aird at:

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