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Vigil for those trapped in N.K.

Candlelight vigils are to be held every Saturday in solidarity with people imprisoned in North Korea.

Human rights campaign group Justice for North Korea has organized the peaceful protests to support a South Korean man’s campaign for his family’s release.

Dr. Oh Kil Nam is campaigning against the communist regime’s holding of his wife Shin Suk-ja ― known to supporters as “The Daughter of Tongyeong” ― and their two daughters Oh Hye-won and Oh Gyu-won.

Oh recently learned via press reports that his family are still thought to be alive in North Korea, and has strengthened his campaign here to have them released.

Human rights organizations and student groups here have joined the campaign, collecting hundreds of signatures to petition for his cause so far.

The next vigil will be held this Saturday from 6-8 p.m. near Cheonggye Plaza in front of Gwanghwamun Subway Station’s exit 5.